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Mature content
Autumn Lover :iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Mature content
Summer Lover :iconleerose20:LeeRose20 1 0
I remember having a premonition in my dreams every night
Towards the end of midnight 
I wake of a dream of me holding a lightly moving and sleeping bundle 
Baby soft and sleeping 
Mine to be certain with my hair color and worry brows
And of course the pinkest cheeks to be had 
It seems in this reoccurring dream of the future
I'm a mother with a joyful baby boy 
As this dream goes on the child grows up with only me in the picture not a father to be had
I can not see the color of my son's eyes to proclaim a father's identity 
Only my future son telling me
"Hurry mommy I'm waiting"
Then I wake up
Back in my own bed 
Still twenty-two young and motherless and without know how I get my son calling to me from a dream of future
I know one thing 
I will not bring a child into this world that is full of hate and cruelty 
Where safety is but a dream
I vow to make this world safe and kind
For a child of mine needs safe peace of mind and kindness
Your mo
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Whats the Use of Feeling Blue (original) by Rose
I've told myself time and time again
Whats the use of feeling blue
Knowing its hard to forget about you when everything reminds me of you
Whats the use of feeling blue
When your favorite color dyes the room I'm alone in, in its color
Filling my heart with blue and crying the color out on the floor
Whats the use of feeling blue
When all you do is leave and come back when ever it convenient to you
And I'm left high and dry on verge of tears of maybe never seeing you 
Whats the use of feeling blue 
When our fights are always about you leaving me for another woman time and time again
You coming back to me in tears of how you were foolish and I was always right
Whats the use of feeling blue
When I always take you back
But never get what I truly desired from you
And you disappearing because of your indecisive mind
Whats the use of feeling blue 
When my tears are turning into your favorite shade of blue
And all I can think is how I am missing you
Telling me to wait and so I do
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 1 0
Aphrodite's Cruel Lesson
So it seems you are the goddess of love yet time and time again you bring men into my life and none become worthy to me until one
Ah yes I have but a bone to pick with you oh fair goddess of love you bring me the man I have only loved a childhood friend no less whom I meet in my life but three times
But yet instead of granting me the long awaited ending I wanted you flung him to another oh the woe be bested onto me oh the pain and tears I've shed for the person I proudly called my soulmate had but left me for another
A woman who can never even measure me here I think she is the better woman and me losing fair square pfft no not only do I swallow the bitter pill of loss but I lost thy love to a mere useless child whom is not worthy of my hate
But yet I figure out in time of my sadness that maybe you taught me a lesson of your same pain you also bear with whom lovers you have lost maybe I needed to understand what it meant to cherish what I had before it was no longer and slipped through
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Aphrodite's Sin
I blame the goddess of love for betraying my heart 
Over and over 
I thought she would bestow upon me a love who would be all mine
Instead she gave me someone I fell madly in love with but would be forced to another
Oh goddess of love why put woe unto me 
Why make my fragile heart become as hardened ice
Tho I love the man you gave me 
You did not make him mine
Why do such a tragedy to me 
I still pray and wish upon you for matters of the heart and guidance
Yet you turn me away as tho I am not worthy of the luxury of love
All I ask is return to me the man you bestowed me
Why must I bear this painful kiss of broken hearted woe of loneliness 
I long for the man you paired me with
I long for the love I once had
Oh goddess of love why grant my wish and leave my heart to weep 
Oh tell me why this is so
Oh how I miss thy love
His sweet lips upon honeyed light of twilight
Eyes of ever green stare at mine
His breath warm and wanting
Oh how I weep at such lost
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 1 0
Mature content
My Master and I his Pet :iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Fragile Eternity
If my love for you is the fading light of a sunset 
Or the fragile rose of my name upon your lips 
Then I forever so will devote my eternal promise of love to you so even the gods can never sever such a lovers wish
And if our love is so fragile and delicate like the rose petals strewn on our bed 
And eternal always like our embraces 
Then let me sleep in your arms safe and free of worry I might lose you
And if may it be our love is but to be fated tragedy 
Then let me fight my hearts desire for the one I love and admire
Let us elope afar from this horrid reality so that even the gods will envy love once more
To touch your hand
To kiss your brow
To say I love you without fear and hesitation 
Let it be a fragile eternity among us forever more
Covered in bedded lace and petals 
And the sound of your heart beat so close to mine I'd feel as if I shall burst in hot flames within you
May it be you will never let go of me
Never stop touching me the way I've g
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 1 0
Mature content
Red Lipstick :iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
A Warrior not a Lover (Personal Poem)
When I was little I watched people fight and my grandfather wield a sword
He asked would you like to learn how to fight
I nodded my little pigtail head because I wanted to be strong like that so I did
He taught me the basics of fighting in case the time came I needed to protect myself of others
Told me "fight for yourself"
Never knew what that meant till I got older 
As I did get older and my painful past behind me leaving its nasty scars painted on my body and already black heart
I went back and trained all I did was train and fight nothing more
Even tho I was a girl I shoulda been worrying about how I looked and dumb clothes but I didn't
As years went by and I got older and ever more colder
I learned a taste of adolescent crushes
But I wasn't used to or being a girl only a tom boyish swordswoman
Tho thinking it be nice to have a lover I tried real hard to become someone worthy of such love
But sadly I failed each time
It was always something I lacked or didn't understand sense I
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Mature content
Queen :iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Cruel Angel's Thesis
Like a angel with cruel beauty and judgement 
Arise and show the world you are not weak but a legend 
Clear and bright blue skies with the wind lifting you high above
A heavy burden makes my heart wide open to all I yearn for
With our eyes and smiles looking for a way to survive 
I can never escape the look of determination in your eyes as we gaze upon what is all lost
If I wanna believe in a destiny you refuse to have faith in
The let the wings we have carry us into battle
And be the hero we were meant to be
Let's go on and take flight not letting this world to ruin
Like an angel the dark has swept you up
And in your heart lies the darkness of an empty future
Rise up to the clear bright blue skies and take hold of a wish and reality 
And if all heavens have forbidden a way of redemption
Then by force we carve a new way
Like a angel with cruel beauty and judgement 
Arise and show the world you are not weak but a legend 
Clear and bright blue skies with the
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Scum's Wish:Heikousen: Sayuri vocals/piano by Rose
Let's escape from the solar system
Parallel lines meet one another and cross
The lines overlap and stretch towards one another
Like our fading shadows
Blame me for the times we live in anothers eyes
Your lack of courage failed to say what you wanted to convey
Searching for a place all our own
A place Where wishes do not seem to go anyway where
I want to be the one on those words that drip from those lips
And be the frown and smile on those pouting lips
Let's escape from the solar system
Parallel lines meet one another and cross
The lines overlap and stretch towards one another
I wanna take all the impossible wishes we made that day
That out timid voices can not mouth to words
And be drained of all emotions that consume us
I can now picture 
And reach for our fading shadows
Oh parallel lines
Let's escape from the solar system
Parallel lines meet one another and cross
The lines overlap and stretch towards one another
Like our fading shadows
Oh parallel lines
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 2 0
Uso no Hanabi :Scums Wish: vocals/piano by Rose
I want to hold dear what is precious to me and treasure it
Wanting something so simple is hard for me to do
if destiny and fate are real and merciful
Then you are the person I am meant to be with
Those are words I am afraid to tell you
For it will destroy what we have together
Even tho you are so close you feel so far away from my grasp to reach
Our feelings come and go
"Give up"
"Don't give up"
The petals I pluck from this rose is never ending 
Love me and love me not have become its own tune in my heart
The pandora box to my heart remains closed
Embracing unadventured feelings I can not fathom 
Hiding away my fainted sighs and pained longing in my heart have been painted as fragments on my sleeve of my heart
Then you are the person I am meant to be with
Those are words I am afraid to tell you
For it will destroy what we have together
If our eyes do meet do not look away
See through the painful lie i've locked away deep
I do not know how much I can take that I am about to br
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Ikanaide : by Mafumafu: vocals by Rose Valentine
I muttered under my breath saying it was nothing but keeping my mouth tightly shut
Looking as you go, I sadly can not move my legs to run
Your moving in a quick pace from me, your silhouette slowly going farther away
I look back at you as you slowly begin to fade from my eyes and heart
Your going away, leaving me behind to be all alone 
Then that's when I begin to run not feeling the ground on my feet
I shouldn't cry
I shouldn't cry
But my heart wants to tell you words that can not come out my mouth
Please don't go
Your disappearing toward the distance and leaving me behind
I can not see you at all anymore that my heart begins to cry
I shouldn't cry
I shouldn't cry
But my heart wants to tell you words that can not come out my mouth
Please don't go
Days, weeks, months, and years go by it's all the same when your not here
The nights become empty and lonely
But your face never seems to change only becoming more beautiful to me each time I gaze at you
Time is passing fast taking me al
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0
Tempest of the Sea
A thousand seas upon a vast horizon
An empty breeze sings it tales with frigid chill
It's sea dwellers dance to never ending melody of the sea
Vast and unmerciful came of she 
For she is the one who gives and takes away such treasures living in her sea
All who know the Tempest's wrath is quite fearsome indeed
Sweet and soft does endless waves crash against the rocks leaving sweet tones to those who listen 
Gaze upon a pearl shined sea of aquamarine
I've had this dream before floating in the arms of great lady Tempest's seas
Drifting away in soundless weighted waves 
Deeper and deeper I fall 
Into a dark abyss of an oceans kiss
Twinkling lights of jellyfish a glow
Schools of fish below
And distant whale calls begin to blow to higher sound
Slowly the ocean takes my breath away
I see I am also not alone
In the distance someone falling deeper as I am 
I can not make out a face 
All so blurry 
Until a kiss of breath wakes me from liquid tranquil
:iconleerose20:LeeRose20 0 0


We are the Star Guardians!! by qtmochi We are the Star Guardians!! :iconqtmochi:qtmochi 44 1 Star Guardian Ahri by CooliSushi Star Guardian Ahri :iconcoolisushi:CooliSushi 142 5 Star Guardian Ahri by Hoobamon Star Guardian Ahri :iconhoobamon:Hoobamon 303 4 The new star guardians by DavidPan The new star guardians :icondavidpan:DavidPan 201 11 Star guardian Skins by NatalieTran1411 Star guardian Skins :iconnatalietran1411:NatalieTran1411 26 3 Star Guardian by nightwalker0510 Star Guardian :iconnightwalker0510:nightwalker0510 25 3 [LoL] Star Guardian Ahri by Chiroyo [LoL] Star Guardian Ahri :iconchiroyo:Chiroyo 241 12 Star Guardian Ahri by NyanDrawings Star Guardian Ahri :iconnyandrawings:NyanDrawings 96 9 Star Guardian Ahri Fanart by RikaMarika Star Guardian Ahri Fanart :iconrikamarika:RikaMarika 97 4 Star Guardian Ahri by simoneferriero Star Guardian Ahri :iconsimoneferriero:simoneferriero 397 9 Starguardian Ahri by EniseStudio Starguardian Ahri :iconenisestudio:EniseStudio 80 4 Star Guardian Soraka by LauriitaChan Star Guardian Soraka :iconlauriitachan:LauriitaChan 13 0 081317 by crystalmew 081317 :iconcrystalmew:crystalmew 148 7 XAYAH AND RAKAN  by Rubensayan XAYAH AND RAKAN :iconrubensayan:Rubensayan 75 4 Let's dance: Rakan and Xayah by Hyshirey Let's dance: Rakan and Xayah :iconhyshirey:Hyshirey 76 17 Ahri D.vafied .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Ahri D.vafied .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,807 392
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Rose Victoria Valentine
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"I know that to love another I must watch the world move past him but such short years make an eternity worth living".

ずっと前から好きでした告白実行 ♥

I am a writer and poet, i do love poetry alot and i draw most of my free time I'm also an anime otaku and of course love my Japanese culture.
I am a hopeless romantic who adores poetry and romcom's i also love books and watching movies galore and painting as well, my favorite hobby is cooking i love new recipes and being a foodie .
I love coffee and tea of many kinds along with calm places, I also love nature and gardens.



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I'm a level mastery seven gold Ahri and have been level sevens for many months and now I celebrate a milestone of Ahri knowing I achieved alot with her along the way and became the best of the best with lots of practice the road was never easy but to accomplish it was a reward in its own journey now the journey to be a diamond Ahri will be another milestone journey for me "everyone wears their tail their own way" ~ . Shes been my main for years now and still is right behind all my level mastery seven supports and Diana I feel that I earned my mastery and gold now onward to the next venture of me and my ninetails waifu because shes laifu.  I am that one Ahri main -giggles- I am Lady Valentine and being foxy with ninetails is what I do I even make the Yasuo's swoon~ ara ara daiske muwah  
  • Listening to: girls generation and BREAKERZ
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  • Watching: Ghost Adventures
  • Playing: League of legends and animal crossing
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  • Drinking: strawberry milk


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